Revamping Sotheby’s end to end pre-sale journey
Product Design
During the pandemic, Sotheby’s provided an engaging online-only Auction sales experience to stay ahead of the competition. Its auction sales rose to 255% that year, its highest sales to date. However, based on the amplitude analytical data, the team also noticed that up to 28% of new customers(new bidders) who were interested in placing bids on lots bounced during the initial registration pre-sale process.

After deeper inspection with the team and customer interviews, we concluded it was due to the following issues listed below.
Non ADA Compliant
Sotheby’s has an outdated design system library that isn’t ADA Compliant (Sotheby's customer age ranges between 35 - 65 yrs Old). The company was tasked in 2019 for meeting the ADA Compliance Standards.
Too much details
Asking our customers their full name, DOB and not providing alternate sign-up options only adds unnecessary friction to this process.
Not optimized for Mobile
Based on the Amplitude data, 72% of online customers use mobile when shopping or browsing auction lots. However, the UX/UI of Sotheby’s website in most parts was intended for Tablet & Desktop.
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