Mazefall, founded by Housseynou Fall, is a Design + eCommerce consultancy based in LIC (NY) aiming to help online retailers gain a creative edge in this aggressive market.

Mazefall leverages Webflow’s powerful CMS, and site builder technology to create meaningful experiences and engaging websites that sell. Mazefall strongly believes in utilizing today’s innovative tools to solve today’s biggest challenges so you have the tools required to succeed and compete against the evolving nature of technology.

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“Housseynou has been amazing to work with not only as a person, but primarily due to the fact his work speaks for itself. His UX/UI design talent is at the forefront of the industry from a creative and simplistic standpoint which is hard to find in designers.”
Adam Butt - CEO of Noticed
Services Included
Starts from
Premium Design
You seek pro-level design, but prefer to have someone else handle the development.
Website Site Audit
Consumer insights & Persona and scenario modeling
Persona and scenario modeling
Analyzing data metrics
Competitive Benchmark
Information Architecture
Brand Discovery
Visual Language
Brand Discovery
Digital Marketing materials
Content Creation:
Site Content structure
Brand guidelines
Interactive Animations
User Experience & Design:
User Research
Low-fidelity Wireframes
Hi-fidelity Designs
Design Systems
Responsive Design
ADA compliant strategy
Website CMS
You need a site that is sustainable and grants complete customizability control.
Includes everything from "Premium Design" Package
Web Hosting(incl. ongoing fees)
Live Prototyping
Website/CMS Implementation
Mobile Responsiveness
Website performance optimization
Quality Insurance (Tech & Design)
SSL Certificate
Site Search/Search Result
Database Setup
You dread Shopify’s templates and desire to be unique and memorable.
Includes everything from "Premium Design" & "Website CMS" Package
Webflow + eCommerce
Webflow to Udesly/Shopify conversion (coming soon)
Cart, Checkout  and other storefront features
Site Search/Search Result
You’re ready to make an investment, an investment that would reward you with dividends in the years to come.
Let’s Chat!
Includes everything from "Premium Design", "Website CMS" and "eCommerce" Package
Ongoing Support
Weekly support
New design and features implementation
Site content update through Webflow
Design consulting/advice
Data Analytics & Insights
A/B Testing (coming soon)
No sales pitches here. Mazefall stands behind transparency and honesty and does not shy away from letting you know what you're getting into regarding pricing. Do note that the starting prices listed above are subject to change.
Bevel LIC office
Skyline of Long Island City

Standard Process

Learn & Understand
The goal of this initial phase is to get a bird’s eye view of your business. This process involves getting a decent understanding of your customers, and competitors as well as your current challenges, and future aspirations. We’ll then use this information to support the design and content strategy.
Content is king, so we’ll work closely on the content strategy so that the message stays in sync with your business goals and customer needs. Solidifying the copy at the initial phase gives the design a sense of focus and meaning. Every design decision should be backed by a clear intent.
There will be weekly design reviews to ensure your expectations are fully met in the website’s overall look & feel. You know your business better than anyone, so it is crucial to include you in this collaborative process at every pixel.
We will use Webflow, an innovative web/eCommerce site builder, to breathe life into the designs. In this phase, you will be able to test-drive your website live to ensure that the user experience is consistent throughout all devices.
With Webflow’s powerful built-in hosting/CMS feature, you will have the power to manage the content(including crucial eCommerce detail information) and site’s metadata effortlessly. When you are ready to launch, Mazefall will help you publish and monitor any technical issues  that may arise after launch.
Tools of Trade
Webflow for Development
Figma for Design
Illustrator for Branding/Logo Design

About Webflow

Used by renowned design teams at Adobe and Nasa, Webflow’s powerful web builder tool provides creators the freedom to create production-ready experiences without code. Unlike other WYSIWYG web creation tools in the market, Webflow brings your design vision to life in clean, semantic HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript that is scalable, clean, and easy to manage. Long are the days of taking risks in expensive developers to handle small-scale CMS websites. As a designer, I can now design, prototype, and build complex, fully custom sites visually and effortlessly compared to most CMS and eCommerce platforms such as Wix, WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify, to name a few.

Webflow lets you publish your website live in one click, either via Webflow’s subdomain for testing purposes or live with Webflow’s world-class hosting. You can take complete control of content updates (updating copy, swapping images, and more) directly on the published/live site. With Webflow, you don’t have to worry about messy SEO optimization/management and setup, security, or updates. All you need to focus on is the content, and let Mazefall and Webflow handle the rest. Welcome to the #nocodemovement.

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