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Providing value driven user experiences for over a decade.

Some recent works…

Careful App - Summary
Careful App - Appointments
Careful App - Appointments
Careful App - Chat with Ai
Careful App - Chat with Ai
MSG GO - Match-ups
MSG GO - Scoring

Selected case studies

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Stealth Startup
Creating a design system to improve workflows
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Minimizing friction from a complex registration process
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Improving the customer cart abandonment experience

I have a wide range of skills, but these should give you a general gist of what I can do.

Design System

A comprehensive reusable UI library system that would speed your product’s development workflow by 10x.


From research and prototyping to quality assurance to ensure a usable, engaging digital product. I won’t skimp on the process.

Development (Webflow)

With the help of Webflow, you’ll have everything you need to manage your site’s content and product inventory without a line of code or the high expense of hiring a developer.


I’ll help you with simple but engaging web designs, landing pages or effective pitch decks that’ll land you the deal.

About me

I'm Housseynou (WHO SAY NOU), a senior (UI/UX) designer based in New York with 12+ years of experience working with D2C, B2B, and B2C companies, advocating for design systems and specializing in product/web design. I deeply understand how design impacts businesses and customers and provide unique and tailored solutions.

I'm always looking for new challenges and ventures, so feel free to reach out if you'd like to learn more.

I've worked with reputable companies like Shopify, Sotheby's, and various tech startups over the years. Let’s hear from some of my clients…

Adam Butt


Housseynou has been amazing to work with not only as a person, but primarily due to the fact his work speaks for itself. His UX/UI design talent is at the forefront of the industry from a creative and simplistic standpoint which is hard to find in designers.

Keija Tang


Housseynou is talented, professional, and a great pleasure to work with. He anticipates needs, is amenable to feedback, and is flexible when unplanned complications arise. All in all, a consummate professional.

Questions? Here are the most common ones I get.

What tools are you using?

We'll use Figma for design and Notion for project management.

I just need feedback on my product, do you offer consultation?

Sure thing! If budget is tight and you don’t want to commit to a subscription, use the request a quote form above and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Could we do a fixed rate/per project instead?

The subscription plan is optional. Book a time or use the request a quote form above and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Why should I go for a subscription plan?

A subscription plan keeps our working relationships strong for the long haul. You shouldn't have to worry about cutting corners on the project scope to save money or getting something different from what was designed after development.

How long do you normally take?

It really depends on many factors(i.e overall complexity of the project). On average, it takes about 4-7 days to get a first round of draft done.

Are you available for work for both contract or full time / in house?

Yes, feel free to book a call with me so we can discuss your business needs and goals.

Btw, did you have education in design?

I have a bachelor in design/technology at Parsons, The New School of Design. Highly recommend!

Not satisfied with these answers? Don’t fret! Book a call or send an email and I’ll get back to you no later than 12hrs.